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Luby, a unique and thrilling new novel joins Spite! - Debut Novel by Gary James Daynes

 “Over the past fifteen years I’ve written in various forms a number of novels, simply for pleasure, but always with a dream of one day getting a book into print and launching a career in writing. However, life and all it throws at you, has always put obstacles in the way to progressing further than simply writing for my own enjoyment. However, realising I wasn’t getting any younger - despite strangely trying to convince myself to the contrary - I set myself a target of finalising and publishing a novel in 2018, followed by one each year from there on.

In spite of obstacles hindering my progress, including the sudden death of one of my horses; whom I’d owned for over twenty years, I finally achieved one of my goal by publishing my debut novel - Spite!”

Spite! is a fast paced, twisting psychological thriller, laced with dark humour. The story is based around Mark Davis; an arrogant and self-centred accountant, whose only focus in life is his himself and his career, no matter who or what gets in his way.

 If Mark Davis had been vain, he’d have said he was perfect.

 But Mark Davis was flawless, so vanity wasn’t a condition from which he suffered. Mark was a winner. In his opinion.

 His down-trodden wife Vicki also knew her place in his life.

 He’d told her enough times, and the baby she desperately wanted would have to wait. Until he decided.

 But she was like a well-trained gun-dog, seeing to his every need, totally loyal and would help him succeed. Wouldn’t she?

 Mark had it all perfectly planned and would achieve his mission to get to the top of the corporate ladder. Wouldn’t he?

 However, the ‘Gods of Planning and Ambition’ had smirks on their faces and decided otherwise. Don’t tempt fate!

 Life suddenly turns sour. Paranoid people think someone is out to get them.

Mark Davis wasn’t paranoid. He knew someone was out to get him.

 Mark’s life rapidly goes from bad to worse, changing overnight from being a pretentious executive to become a wanted criminal, as he suddenly discovers unknown forces have been moving within his life he had no idea existed. In a fast moving and twisting plot, laced with black humour, grim brutality and non-stop action, Mark desperately tries to discover who has shattered his once perfect world and more importantly - Why?

 The terrifying truth he discovers will destroy him, learning what someone will do out of Spite!

 With Spite! now published and available on Amazon in paperback or e-book, totally bitten by the writing bug, despite further hold-ups and obstacles life throws in your path, Gary achieved other part of his life goal of producing a book a year, he’s finalised his second novel called ‘Luby.’

 “If you think Spite! is dark and chilling, Luby is worse. Much worse! Hold onto your seats, as this novel is a scary ride and definitely not one for the children! Luby is a uniquely disturbing read.”

Luby is a very cold and brutal story. It is about a serial killer who is a charming window salesman.

 Full of charm and wit, Carl Luby; the clever and cunning salesman, selects his female victims whilst giving them quotes. He thus has knowledge of his potential victim’s and their homes, deciding a means of entry into the property, whilst determining exactly how he will return again one day to attack, rape and kill his carefully selected female victims.

 A cold and chilling novel, the unique twist is this novel is Luby’s character is written in the first person. Thus the reader experiences the killer’s intimate thoughts and emotions, as he carefully plans his murders and then undertakes his brutal acts, whilst also cleverly setting the crime scene and ensuring someone else is framed for his crimes; thus destroying numerous innocent lives along his cruel path.

 Extremely graphic and brutal, it is a fast-moving, cold, chilling and gripping novel, with dark humour and cunning twists, and is certainly not for the faint hearted. It is sure to shock and will certainly make you think again about who you openly invite into your home!

 “I’ve been very lucky to enjoy a wide range of equestrian activities all of my adult life, and have taken part in everything, from galloping around Fakenham Racecourse to Carriage Driving Trials. Being out alone with just your horse for company can be a great way to get some thinking time and inspiration.

 As a designer by trade, I have a very creative mind and keen and active imagination. When this vivid imagination is mixed with a dark sense of humour, it doesn’t take much to get things flowing!”

Opposite - Gary & Bonnie, ready to hit the roads, hopefully for some more inspiration!

 “One of the equestrian sports I compete in is Carriage Driving Trials. Here you guide a horse through obstacles at speed; hoping you don’t hit any! In a way, it’s a bit like life. Keep moving as quick as you can and try your best to steer clear of the obstacles life puts in your path.”

 “One thing this year has taught me is that if you have a goal or ambition, stick at it. No matter how long it takes, or what gets in your way. Keep driving on forward and avoid all the obstacles life puts in your way. Hopefully, you’ll finally get there.”

 “Now I’ve started down this road, I’m working hard to try to make a long term career in writing. I may never get onto the Sunday Times Best Seller list, but I thoroughly enjoy writing and plan to finally release the various novels I’ve held back on for many years to come, and hope a few other readers might also enjoy my dark and chilling style of writing.”

 Written by Gary James Daynes and published by Boxing Hare Publishing, both Luby & Spite! are available from Amazon as a paperback or e-book or further details can be found at Boxing Hare Publishing’s website at

Driving on towards a career in writing in ‘Spite!’ of the obstacles.

Local designer, Gary Daynes, a keen horseman who lives just outside Salhouse, near Norwich, and who can be seen frequently driving his horse Bonnie around the local country lanes, launches his unique second novel, after many years of trials and tribulations.

Two great dark, thrilling novels - More to follow!